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Nestled in a orchard beside the Oxford Canal with free parking and idyllic countryside a rare treat awaits you.

Willow Tree Mooring, Banbury OX17 1PZ

About Mindful Touch Massage

Mindful Touch Massage opened in early 2016, independent and based just north of the village of Copredy, Banbury it makes the ideal choice for those wanting great service and reasonable prices. My therapy room is a beautiful shepherd's hut located in the orchard at my home mooring. I am a fully qualified and insured massage therapist with a special interest in mindfulness and its application through physical therapy.

I offer and promote outstanding massage therapy at an affordable price as part of your holistic mind and body maintenance routine. The majority of my clients visit monthly or fortnightly and receive a generous loyalty discount.

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Since opening I have helped many people with a range of conditions including generalised aches and pains, anxiety and depression to more specific conditions such as sciatica, impingement, rotator cuff, iliotibial band and piriformis syndromes.

I regularly treat sports persons as part of their training and post event routines.

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I continue to undertake further studies around holistic therapy including Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
These modalities are offered either independently or more commonly integrated into your remedial massage.

My aim is attentively listen and provide every client with the best massage for them, at an affordable price.

Mindful Touch Massage prioritises customer care eg. clear and timely communication, online booking, clear pricing agreed before your therapy, text reminders and aftercare advice.

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Professional registration

Swedish back and shoulder massage

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Loosen up your shoulders, feel the tension lift from your back and neck.
Dissolve lower back stiffness and feel your muscles and surrounding tissues glide back into place forming a fluid, connected whole body.

Swedish back and shoulder massage

This luxurious back massage includes long firm strokes from sacrum to nape stretching your body and making you feel taller.
Effleurage of your whole back and shoulders warms and relaxes your tissues.

Deep sweeping manipulations and stretches relieve tense shoulders. Percussion action stimulates circulation creating a warm, tingling feeling over your whole back.

The strokes in this treatment are kept firm and deliberate, allowing you to follow my movements, promoting body awareness and presence.

Modern day life seems to conspire against our relaxed shoulders. We all spend too long hunched over a screen or steering wheel. Now is the time to readdress the strains of modern life with a wonderful back and shoulder massage.
I highly recommend adding a Soothing Lines, Scalp, Face and Neck to this treatment to include the whole of your neck too.

The Works, Full Body Swedish Massage

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Feel wonderful all over. Your body will respond to this luxurious treatment by deeply relaxing from head to toes leaving you rejuvenated, body and soul.

Full Body Swedish Massage

When was the last time you spent a full hour relaxing while having your body expertly massaged by a qualified and registered therapist? This treatment includes a feet, legs, back, shoulders, abdomen, hands, arms, neck, face and scalp massage in a truly holistic treatment. This is the treatment ITEC Diploma Massage Therapists are examined on. I didn't just pass I was one of the few candidates nationally to achieve a merit grade, so you're in for a treat. Clients that choose this treatment say it's the best and come back again for another. As my whole body massage lasts longer than the standard hour it's great value for money too.

Add Hot Stones to your whole body massage for no additional fee.

For at least three millenium people have been using stone massage to cleanse the body, relax the heart, ground the soul and sooth the mind. However, it is a speciality treatment, that only certified therapists should perform.

Full Body Hot Stones

The heat of these stones combined with the movement of the massage is deeply soothing and comforting. This creates a deeply warming effect on the muscles of your body enabling relaxation of the deepest layers of the musculature and a sense of wellbeing to prevail.
If there is a body part you would like leaving out, just let me know.

Reccomend Hot Stones

Specific Limbs Swedish Massage

Re-hydrate and Relax Hands and Arms We experience the world around us through our sense of touch using our fingers. Our hands manipulate everyday tools, being exposed to chemicals, water and wind, they never stop working. Show your hands you appreciate them with a tender touch massage. This hand and arm massage is fingertips to shoulders and includes thumb kneading of those tender tissues of your inner forearm. To get a feel of how lovely the hand and arm massage is try massaging your own hand and forearm. Now imagine how nice that would be to have a trained massage encompassing both of your arms. For hands that do dishes, cleaning, cooking, building and even extensive facebooking the hand and arm massage is a must for you.

Regain you bounce feet and legs massage Regain your bounce with a luscious legs and feet massage. Let your feet tingle with delight and your soles soar. Whether you're a keen cyclist and runner or a nurse who walks miles in the course of a busy shift. If you clean, cook, shop or push a wheelchair, pram or trolley your calves and thighs will ache at the end of a long day. If you put on your trainers or dancing shoes at the weekend there's still no rest for your feet.

Legs and Feet Massage

Why not reward your hard working legs and feet with a massage, either as part of a whole body massage, back treatment, or stand alone treatment. This massage is hips to toes, back and front of thighs, calves, ankles and feet. Relax assured your modesty is maintained throughout apart from the leg receiving the massage you will be tucked under the warm fleecy blanket.

Soothing Lines Scalp, Face and Neck Our face is what we show to the world. Our friends can tell immediately what mood we are in; relaxed, anxious, tired or stressed.

Face and Scalp Massage

Ease those worry lines from your eyes, loosen your jaw, rejuvenate your scalp and feel the tension dissolve from your temples. If you have not had a head, face and neck massage before, please do ask. From the top of your head to your shoulders this massage will leave you feeling wonderful. The massage includes a gentle neck and shoulder stretch, soothing facial effleurage, rejuvenating tapotement, relaxing kneading of your jaw, invigorating pressure point palpation and a deeply stimulating scalp massage. The minimum amount of oil possible is used on your face so you will look shiny not greasy when you leave. However I recommend removing your makeup before this treatment. I have some wet wipes for you to use if you need. This treatment works well even with a Hipster beard, so come on guys don’t be afraid to give it a go too.

Abdominal Kindness, abdominal massage. Our abdomen is supported entirely by our muscles. When did you last give these vital and hard working muscles a treat? A lot of people aren't aware you can massage the abdomen which is a shame because it’s a really beneficial experience.

Abdominal Massage

This massage includes tender kneading of the large intestine, which helps relieve IBS in a gentle and natural way. Long sweeping movements are made under the last few ribs aiding respiration and feels great. The warming effects of my hands on your tummy is wonderfully relaxing and reassuring, promoting circulation and aiding digestion. Please do not be shy. Give an abdominal massage a try. To get an idea of how good this feels try lying on your back and gently massaging your tummy in a clockwise direction. Next run your fingers under your ribs from sternum to pelvis. Feel good? Imagine how great it will feel when done by a trained and experienced therapist.

Deep Tissue Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage is a firm and manipulative treatment.
The musculature of our bodies is not a simple, single depth muscle system.
Whilst some massage does not engage the deeper layers, deep tissue massage does, requiring specialist training and anatomical knowledge.

Deep Tissue Massage

For those suffering from chronic muscle tension and tightness, a deeper pressure is required. Using my forearms, elbow and knuckles a sensational massage can be achieved easing aches and pains.

Pressure and movement is used to engage the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. Deep tissue massage also works with the myofascial connective tissues.

These tissues can constrict muscle movement, but this massage will ease adhesions allowing space and freedom for the muscles to work without painfully impinging on nervous tissue.

Remedial Massage Incorporating Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones to aid massage is an ancient technique and we instinctively know the benefit of heat in relaxing muscle.

Hot Stone Massage

The heat of the volcanic stones used in my hands relaxes the deeper layers of muscles and feels wonderful too. Hot stones dramatically increase the effectiveness of each massage stroke. I have been incorporating the healing heat of the stones into my remedial massage for some time and have been really impressed by the results my clients have experienced. I would especially recommend incorporating hot stones to clients who have significant chronic muscle tension, and those who find pure deep tissue massage rather intense.

Detox Massage (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

This is a light touch massage with a profound effect.

MLD Foot

The lymphatic system helps remove toxins, dead cells and unwanted chemicals from the whole of our body. It has a fundamental role to play in the immune system. This whole body massage encourages old lymph to be removed from our bodies allowing detoxification and improved health to prevail. MLD can be especially helpful for :

Tiredness and feeling “run down”: colds, spots and lethargy.
Fluid congestion: swollen ankles, tired puffy eyes and swollen legs.
Chronic conditions: sinusitis, migraines, lymphoedema and others.
Digestive problems: excessive weight, anorexia and stress eating.
Cosmetic conditions: scars, burns and stretch marks.
Immune system disorders: chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS.

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Lomi Lomi Massage

A Full Body Massage with a difference


Lomi is a Hawaiian word mean massage, repeating the word gives it double the power demonstrating just what a special massage this is.

The massage is performed on the whole body, and is like a dance with great harmony and grace.

Long massage strokes are used from toes to shoulders, often incorporating different part of your body simultaneously, resulting in a deeply relaxing therapy.

I completed my qualification in the autumn of 2018 and am proud to be one of the few therapists offering Lomi Lomi in the Banbury area.

Please click the link to find out more and watch a Lomi Lomi massage for yourself.

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Table Thai Massage

Feel Deeply Relaxed and Wonderfully Stretched

Table Thai

This unique massage combines elements of both Eastern and Western Massage, working along energy lines to relieve pain and tension.

Assisted yoga like stretches leave you feeling flexible and refreshed, while rhythmic palming, and precisely placed pressure eases tense and contracted muscles with kneading movements leaving you relaxed yet invigorated.

Clients wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, and the massage is performed on the massage table. These elements promote a deeply healing treatment which is accessible to all.

Benefits of Table Thai are:

Release of tense muscles offering pain relief
Increased physical and mental energy
Greater flexibility and range of motion
Improved posture and alignment
Complementary to Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatment

Please click the link to find out more about Table Thai Massage.

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Reiki Energy Healing

Relax and let the universal energy of Reiki heal.

reiki tree

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive treatment, developed in Japan with Buddhist origins. It works through channeling positive energy through your body.

Reiki can never do any harm, it is a simple and gentle system of rediating the divine life force, or Ki which flows through everything every moment of the day.

During a Reiki session I will not make a diagnosis of illness, we work on re-balancing the body as a whole to bring harmony and healing as your body takes in the energy where needed most.

Reiki may :

Create a deep relaxation assisting in releasing stress and tension
Accelerate our natural self-healing abilities
Enhance you sleep
Reduce blood pressure
Relieve pain
Remove energy blockages by promoting natural balance and harmony
Promote a healthy immune system
Release blocked emotions
Encourage spiritual awareness and consciousness

A Reiki session typically lasts for 45 minutes with time to chat before and after.

Please click the link to find out more about Reiki healing.

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Simply indulgence and relaxation

Sixty minute Swedish Whole Body
Massage £60-00

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Remedial Massage

Sixty minute Remedial Whole Body
Massage £60-00

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